Frequently Asked


  • Is there a cost for recycling electronics with Revolution?
  • In certain locations, Revolution picks up medium or large size loads of end-of-life electronics for free! Smaller loads can be picked up for a nominal fee. Certain hazardous or difficult to dispose of items like light bulbs and some types batteries may necessitate charges to the customer. Call Revolution for more information.

  • Can we arrange for regular collection of our recyclable electronic devices and equipment?
  • Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we can easily assist you in setting up regular pick up service!

  • How can I ensure my data is secure?
  • What sets Revolution apart from other electronics “recyclers” is our focus on security. Our documented process for tracking chain of custody from pickup through to destruction ensures complete data security for your company. From GPS enabled trucks to CCTV throughout our facilities to audited destruction procedures to NAID membership, we’ve got you covered.

  • Aren’t all electronics recyclers the same? What makes Revolution different?
  • There are many companies in the market claiming to recycle, but what are they really doing with your equipment once they’ve picked it up? The only way to really know is to make sure your recycler holds the same types of certifications that Revolution does. If they don’t, they’re not being properly held accountable to industry accepted practices for managing data and environmental risk.

  • What materials, devices, and equipment can Revolution recycle?
  • A list of the electronic devices, equipment, and materials we recycle can be found here.

  • Once Revolution has shredded my hard drive, where does the crushed or shredded hard drive go?
  • After destruction, the broken or shredded hard drive material is shipped directly to an approved processor (Shift Recycling), where it is further processed to the commodity level, separating circuit boards, aluminum, palladium, and other non ferrous metals. This process maximizes value while minimizing risk.

  • Can Revolution issue a Certificate of Recycling?
  • A Certificate of Recycling is issued free of charge for every load of electronic waste we pick up. For more information regarding asset serialized Certificates of Recycling, please contact our office at 888-676-4992.

  • Can Revolution issue a Certificate of Destruction?
  • A Certificate of Data Destruction is issued upon the completion of every secure data destruction job. Our standard CODD includes the company name, date of data destruction service, and the serial number for each hard drive destroyed. Media items that do not contain unique serial numbers such as tapes and floppy disks are bulk processed with total non-serialized weight included on the CODD. Additional information such as hard drive make and capacity, and/or the serial number of the computer or server that each drive was removed from, can be included on the CODD upon request. Additional charges will apply.

  • Our business is refreshing our IT systems and our used equipment is still worth something! How can Revolution help me securely maximize that value of my assets?
  • We’ll maximize the value by repairing and reselling what can be remarketed and recycling what can’t. Our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) department can help you determine the best options for your used equipment. ITAD services are typically custom quoted – so give us a call to discuss your needs. Generally speaking, equipment suitable for ITAD will be no more than five years old.

  • What is the OES?
  • The OES is the Ontario Electronic Stewardship, an industry funded provincial stewardship program that facilitates and manages the electronics recycling in Ontario. Revolution is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shift Recycling, an OES approved recycler. For more information please follow this link.

  • Does Revolution recycle batteries?
  • Yes! We accept most types of batteries and typically at no charge.

  • I have only a couple of items but I really don’t want to throw them in the trash because I know they should be recycled! Can Revolution help?
  • Of course! In most cases we can pick up a small number of items for a nominal fee. With any data destruction service, we are happy to collect any amount of electronics for recycling at no additional charges. For residential customers or businesses with small quantities of electronics to be recycled, our drop-off site is open to the public. Please click here for more information.

  • What certifications and qualifications does Revolution have?
  • Ontario Electronic Stewardship Generator (GN0033)
    NAID-Canada Member
    RCMP TS SIT OPS-II and US DoD 5220.220M compliant data sanitization
    Microsoft Registered Refurbisher
    Commercial Vehicles Operators Registration (Ontario) 181-861-521
    WSIB Account 4820159 Clearance Certificate Available Upon Request
    Commercial General Liability Insurance – $5,000,000 aggregate limit
    Environmental Health and Safety Management System (EHSMS) Policy

  • I’m sold. I want to talk to someone now! Who do I call?
  • Give us a call with any questions at 888-676-4992.

  • Does Revolution have a return policy?
  • You can download the Revolution return policy here.

  • Does Revolution have an EHSMS policy?
  • You can download Revolution’s EHSMS policy here.