Data Destruction in Ottawa

We understand your data is sensitive, which is why we make sure all your data-bearing devices — from hard drives to smart phones to virtually any other media — are securely handled and safely destroyed.

If you have a strict data handling policy or just want to ease your worried mind, we can help destroy your hard drives and other media in Ottawa.

Why destroy your data with Revolution in Ottawa?

Serialized Certificate of Destruction with every load
Secure chain of custody including GPS enabled fleet, locking cargo holds and optional direct delivery and seal verification
Onsite shredding at your facility, while you watch, for the ultimate peace of mind

Revolution holds the following certifications

Your data is always securely handled using one of two methods

Data Wiping

Software-based erasure using a secure DoD wipe, minimum 3 pass pattern


Data Destruction

Physical media destruction to 20 mm shred output

Our Enhanced Data Destruction service in Ottawa includes:

  • Serial number capture for HDDs, SSDs, tapes and other media
  • Physical destruction – shredding to ¾” (20mm) particle size or smaller
  • Parent asset serial number capture for drives removed
  • Onsite or offsite services available

We also offer the following services:

  • No charge e-waste pickup with purchase of enhanced data destruction services. Recycle your old electronics in Ottawa at the same time as you securely your destroy your data.
  • Rental of secure hard drive storage (120 HDD capacity). Don’t leave obsolete hard drives and mobile devices unsecured!

Revolution is also your data centre operations partner

  • Revolution works in multiple environments including live environments, co-locations and unsupervised.
  • Revolution specializes in refresh and decommissioning projects requiring multi-day, coordinated deployments.
  • Revolution also offers data destruction, resale of decommissioned hardware and scrap recycling.