Electronics Recycling in Montreal

What services does Revolution deliver in Montreal?

Revolution makes electronics recycling in Montreal easy. Contact us and your recycling challenge is solved!

    We take away the e-waste from your Montreal company.
    Receive a Certificate of Destruction for each shredding or crushing job.
    Every business we work with receives a Certificate of Recycling to help you track your environmental impact.

About Montreal and E-Waste

  • Montreal has a population of 4,098,927, generating 40,989,270 lbs of e-waste annually.

  • In addition, Montreal is home to more than 187,000 businesses that generate their own e-waste.

  • Revolution is helping to solve Montreal's e-waste problem, one computer tower, iPhone and printer at a time.

Latest News Fom the World of Electronics Recycling

As the usage of electronics grows, e-waste has become a global problem. Here are some of the interesting things going on around the planet when it comes to solving the e-waste challenge.

Curated blog posts from Revolution

Revolution believes the best way to ensure Montreal recycles their e-waste is through education. Here are the best of our recent posts.

Certified Electronics Recycling in Montreal

Not all electronics recyclers are created equal. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “recyclers” in our industry that don’t do what they say they are going to do. What is someone in Montreal looking to dispose of their laptops, displays and smartphones to do? How can you know you’ve chosen the right recycler to handle your sensitive data? The answer is to ensure your chosen recycler has the right certifications.

The Electronics Recycling Refurb and Reuse Standard is the minimum level of compliance your ITAD service provider and electronics recycler should meet. Maintained by the Recycler Qualification Office (RQO), the ERS 2010 is the minimum standard required by each of Canada’s provincial recycling programs and ensures that Revolution (via Shift) recycles your electronics to the highest Canadian standard. Learn more about our certifications.

Did you know?

With more than 40,989,270 lbs of e-waste being generated in Montreal each year, we need to make sure it is disposed of properly.

  • E-waste represents only 2% of North American trash but accounts for over 70% of overall toxic waste.
  • Manufacturing a computer system (tower and monitor) uses 1.5 tonnes of water, over 500 pounds of fossil fuel and 50 lbs of various chemicals.
  • There are more cell phones in existence than there are people on earth.
  • Companies like Revolution that facilitate proper electronics recycling ensure zero environmental contamination.

Revolution services the following areas in Montreal

  • Saint-Laurent
  • Lachine
  • Ahuntsic-Cartierville
  • Dorval
  • Kirkland
  • Rosemont
  • Plateau-Mont Royal
  • Ville-Marie
  • Westmount
  • Dollard
  • Pointe-Claire
  • LaSalle
  • Verdun