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About Vaughan and E-Waste

  • The city of Vaughan has over 312,000 citizens generating over 3,120,000 pounds of e-waste annually.

  • More than 10,230 businesses are active in Vaughan that also produce e-waste.

  • Recent infrastructure development and foreign investment have led to huge growth in Vaughan’s economy.

Latest News Fom the World of Electronics Recycling

As the usage of electronics grows, e-waste has become a global problem. Here are some of the interesting things going on around the planet when it comes to solving the e-waste challenge.

Curated blog posts from Revolution

Revolution believes the best way to ensure Vaughan recycles their e-waste is through education. Here are the best of our recent posts.

Certified Electronics Recycling in Vaughan

Not all electronics recyclers are created equal. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “recyclers” in our industry that don’t do what they say they are going to do. What is someone in Vaughan looking to dispose of their laptops, displays and smartphones to do? How can you know you’ve chosen the right recycler to handle your sensitive data? The answer is to ensure your chosen recycler has the right certifications.

Revolution is proud to partner with and be authorized as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher to install Microsoft operating systems on refurbished assets, maximizing their value and overall return for our customers while ensuring complete data security. Learn more about our certifications.

Did you know?

There's a whole category of waste dedicated to the electronic devices that most of use on a daily basis. But, despite these electronics bringing us so much entertainment, when their lifecycle is over, they can cause serious harm.

  • The category of e-waste is made up of hundreds of different substances, many of which are extremely toxic to humans and the environment. Some examples of such toxins include lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, selenium, and flame retardants.
  • Every year, more than 300 million computers and 1 billion cell phones are produced.
  • The number of computers and cell phones being produced is expected to grow at about 8% every year.
  • Roughly 12.5% of our e-waste actually gets recycled. The rest goes to incinerators and landfills. If burned, e-waste releases toxic chemicals into the air that can cause damage to the central nervous system.

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  • Maple
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  • Purpleville
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Recycling Your E-Waste in Vaughan

For the more than 312,000 citizens living in Vaughan, e-waste recycling is just now beginning to catch on as more and more facts are released about just how many of our electric devices go to waste. Overall, Canada sends just 12.5% of its electronics to recycling programs every year with the rest ending up in landfills. So, what can people and businesses in Vaughan do to help and why isn't more being done already?

As Vaughan Grows, So Does E-Waste

Vaughan's economy continues to pull ahead as new infrastructure is developed and foreign interest begins to accumulate in this beautiful region of Ontario. With that said, as more people and businesses move into the area, more e-waste is being produced by the city. Surprisingly, the problem is not the lack of programs to recycle old electronic devices, the real issue is that there is a tremendous lack of awareness about these programs.

Education Is Key

Like many other cities, Vaughan is just beginning to recognize how essential it is that we recycle and recover the 90% of components in our electronic devices that can easily be re-used to produce new devices for the market. However, many people and businesses still haven't been informed about the countless hazards that go along with throwing away old electronics. Many more aren't sure of the impact that recycling just a single device can make.

Businesses Can Take Acton Today

The good news? While education is still a massive undertaking that countless organizations are working to check off their list in Vaughan, your business can take action today and begin making a real impact on the environment and economy at large. Whether you produce a few devices a year or countless every single month, your recycling efforts will make a difference in the community.

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If you're a business owner in Vaughan, you don't have to go far to recycle your electronic devices safely. In fact, you can reach out to Revolution Recycling and schedule a pickup. Not only will you be confident that your electronics are going somewhere good, you can also trust that we will safely and permanently destroy any data on the devices you hand over. Additionally, every business who goes through Revolution Recycling will receive a certificate that shows just how big of an impact your company is making.